A Love Letter to Istanbul by Kemal Aktay

The Bosporus Strait runs north through Istanbul, separating Europe from Asia. Often synonymous with conflict, this strait has played a crucial role in the city’s history. Ferries, “Vapur” in Turkish, have crossed the waters of the Bosphorus for millennia, and mythology suggests that Jason and the Argonauts traveled it in their quest for the Golden Fleece.

Today, Vapur serves as a critical public transport connection for many thousands of commuters, tourists, and vehicles per day, but Vapur is more than just a form of transportation. For the Istanbulite, it is a magical vessel that travels through time and history, a private Tardis, if you will.

Each Vapur ride is a recurring dream that feels as magical as the first, even after a thousand times. It is not only a journey that takes you through the city’s incredible beauty or the historical landmarks that surround it but one to the inner self. It is where you fight your demons, get inspired, make important decisions, fall in love, worry about finances, or criticize the politicians.

Please enjoy the slideshow below, consisting of Kemal Aktay’s photographs that take you on a ride on Vapur. Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram too.

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