Street Photography in NYC by Suzanne Stein

Street Photography in NYC by Suzanne Stein

Suzanne Stein walks the streets of New York City, investigating New Yorker Life through intimate street photography and powerful writing. Follow Suzanne on Instagram and visit her wildly popular first blog with us: Hasidic Jews of Williamsburg.

When I Was a Street Photographer – Suzanne Stein

I know someday I’m going to be desperately sentimental about the long hours I spend every day walking the streets of New York City. I often wonder if I will live long enough to become an elderly woman, occasionally looking over my images, and miss these often tedious days with an intensity I cannot yet imagine. Occasionally I feel a sense of dread when I consider the perfect certainty, the virtual guarantee that someone I’ve met on the street and photographed extensively passes away. I don’t know if I will be able to glide through a loss so substantial. I consider the odds of avoiding assault or other violence directed at me as a lone female constantly outdoors with expensive camera equipment and try to calculate how many lives I have left as an active and productive street photographer, having been very lucky most days. I have not always been fortunate, though, and my physically damaged right eye and two concussions from assaults on the streets have removed some of my naïve perceptions that nothing bad could ever happen to me… My perception of that sense of personal specialness we all have has evolved, and I understand that the inviolate belief that we all possess for a time in our lives that says no true harm will ever befall us is a falsehood.

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The New Yorker Life Shop is Coming Soon

The New Yorker Life is launching its online shop with exclusive art pieces created by top artists.

We are thrilled to announce that our tiny little community of 300.000 people will soon be able to buy what they love in prints, textiles, ceramics, and other forms. Soon, we are launching The New Yorker Life Shop.

To make things more exciting, we will collaborate with world-class illustrators/graphic designers on monthly limited edition prints. These will be exclusive to The New Yorker Life, limited to 50 copies in A3 size and printed in museum quality on fine art paper. The prints will only be available in the NYL Shop and never elsewhere – guaranteed. And once the 50 copies are gone, they’re gone forever.

Over the years, we hope to have an incredible collection of artwork representing each month of NYL as an online publication, starting on May 1st, 2022. Artists will keep a considerable part of the income from these prints as part of our goal to support the artists and the art community. So exciting!

We’re collaborating with Ayse Deniz Sahin, a renowned illustrator from Istanbul, Turkey, to kick things off. She is incredibly talented, and her work represents what we all need at the moment: peace, love, silliness, warm and leisurely summer days… In short, the nice things in life we all miss and deserve. She is hard at work, and we cannot wait!

If you are an artist or know someone you think would be great for this project, please send us an email, and we’ll discuss the details: Please keep in mind this is a once-a-month gig, and we’ll be extremely picky with our choices. It is essential to deliver great work that represents The New Yorker Life and its values.

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Guney Cuceloglu

Kid Reporter Interviews a Scientist on 3d Bioprinting

The New Yorker Life proudly presents; Kid reporter Bartu Milci interviews Yigitcan Sumbelli, a scientist working in the cutting-edge field of 3d Bioprinting.

3d printing is a fascinating process; simply put, it’s adding material on top of each other in an organized manner and creating a final product. From designing and 3d printing simple pieces like a button or a phone case at home to 3d printing houses or even rocket fuselages without the need for screws or welding, this technology has become a big part of our lives.

A recently emerging and sci-fi-like application of 3d printing is called 3d bioprinting. You heard that right! Scientists are working on creating live tissue or organs with the help of 3d printers. Yigitcan Sumbelli is working with one of the world’s leading groups in this cutting-edge field, and he answered our kid reporter Bartu Milci’s questions.

Before the interview, we’d like to mention a few products that can get every child interested in 3d printing. They are so affordable for what they do and easily available on Amazon, you should give them a try.

3d Printers, 3d Bioprinting and How to Become a Scientist – An Interview with Yigitcan Sumbelli by Bartu Milci

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