Christmas Time in New York by Ohad Kab

NYC by Ohad Kab

Israeli photographer Ohad Kab walks the streets of New York City, documenting The New Yorker Life.

Being a modern-day street photographer in New York is no easy task. Not only does one compete with the wealth of current photographers, but there are the legendary greats who produced incredible work for many decades.

But Ohad succeeds in creating unique and timeless photographs that are unmistakably New York. He does it by focusing on individuals and framing his shots expertly. Each photo makes you think: “this person could be a movie character.” In the process, he shows us how diverse and colorful New York is.

For years I dreamed of this moment; Christmas time, I’m standing on Fifth Avenue, the heart of the World Consumer Culture Center, the land of brands and plastic in the busiest time of the year. I observe the diverse and fascinating people who paint this city so colorful. These photographs will go with me for the rest of my life.

Enjoy Ohad Kab’s series named “Christmas Time” as a slideshow below, follow him on Instagram, and visit his portfolio.

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