Maira Kalman’s The New Yorker Covers

Maira Kalman’s “Spring Forward” - The New Yorker Cover

Maira Kalman is known for her colourful and witty illustrations, featured in publications such as The New York Times and The New Yorker, and the children’s books that she has both written and illustrated. She has contributed a great deal to what we call “New Yorker Life“.

Kalman has been a contributor for The New Yorker since 1995 and has produced many cover illustrations. Most notably, she collaborated with Rick Meyerowitz for The New Yorker December 2001 cover, called New Yorkistan. This cover created a lot of attention to the public and emptied the newsstands within two days.

In this post, we are bringing together some of her colourful New Yorker covers. Aren’t they magnificent?

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