Papier Atelier: Istanbul Duo Turning Paper into Art

Mia & Vincent dance scene - Pulp Fiction
Mia & Vincent dance scene – Pulp Fiction

Papier Atelier is an Istanbul, Turkey-based paper art studio founded by artist duo Türker & Deniz Yılmaz Akman. Handcrafting and slow living being their motto, they create sculptures, installations, prop designs, and animations utilizing the most delicate material; paper. Their craft aims to express organic forms, feelings, and circumstances in simple geometries.

At first, we started making collages, watercolors, and small paper sculptures. We were creating just for ourselves, family, and friends. Deniz had a blog, and she made a post about our paper sculptures, which created quite a buzz amongst her followers. People loved them more than expected, and we suddenly started taking custom orders. We started an Instagram account and a website to promote our paper art.

After a while, we gained popularity in Turkey following TV and magazine interviews, which motivated us to start our own company in 2015. Since then, we’ve been working as a full-time paper artist duo.

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