Kars and Cars by Engin Guneysu

Kars in Winter by Engin Guneysu

Engin Guneysu is a Turkish photographer with great talent and passion. He will contribute to The New Yorker Life regularly with his photo series from all over the world.

Kars is a province of Turkey, located in the northeastern part of the country. It shares part of its closed border with Armenia. It’s also the coldest region in the country.

-20°C(-4°F) is routine for months and it does not stop locals from going out and running errands. Other than snow and frozen roads, icicles hanging from rooftops are to watch for in the winter wonderland.

Extreme cold takes its toll on cars in Kars too. To prevent cracked windshields, burst pipes, and salt corrosion some people bundle up their cars like babies.

Engin Guneysu worked in the region for months. While documenting social issues for his book project, Kars and Cars turned into an unplanned mini-series of its own.

This was one of the coldest experiences I have ever had. Besides the bundled-up cars, I tried to reflect on the social and cultural life in Kars.

Enjoy these wonderful photographs from a unique part of the world.

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